Welcome to D & A Hogarth ltd, a family company specialising in concrete floor slab lifting using geo polymer injection techniques.
Concrete floor slab settlement is a common problem so much so it is not covered with most home insurance policies. The most obvious signs are gaps between the floor slab and skirting board, and cracks in internal walls.
Allow us to help, from a small domestic room to a large industrial warehouse, we are able to arrest the settlement and in most cases lift the slab back to it's original level. Jobs are typically completed in one to two days causing minimal mess and disruption.
With over eleven years experience in the resin injection industry coupled with investment in state of the art resin injection pumping equipment, D & A Hogarth can offer a quick, clean, non-intrusive and modern way to address the problem of your sinking floor slab.
Speak directly to and work closely with the technicians who will actually be carrying out the work. For a friendly chat call Hogarth's to discuss your requirements.
Call 07443 899025 or 01772 816623 or email info@slablifting.co.uk

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